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This game can provide you with a unique opportunity to discuss with children the importance of cleaning up. Cleaning up is an important part of a child's development & gives him/her a sense of responsibility. Teaching children to clean up can begin as early as they start walking. Cleaning up can teach children problem solving skills, mathematical concepts, lassons in family life, citizenship & responsibility, self-motivation and more.

lt is important to bear in mind that children can be easily overwhelmed by a big mess, because s/he doesn't know where to start. lnstead, try breaking the job down into little tasks. E.g., you could say, "Put away your dolls first and then move to the books." Don't just say "clean up." ln the same spirit, in this game, we let children focus on one room at a time.

Garnes provide unique opportunities for creating 'mediated learning experiences', where an adult mediates between the child & the environment. Narrate what is happening during clean-up time both in real life & while playing this game. Narration is key to developing language & grammar skills as well as emotional intelligence.

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