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With its wonderful harlequin coat, its sheer size and its elegance, the Great Dane has certainly earned its nickname as the “Apollo of the dog world”.
This breed originates from Germany and before being a family pet, the Great Dane was used for hunting and particularly for hunting wild boar. A noble dog, this is a large, powerful and very elegant breed. With its maximum weight of 90 kg and a minimum size of 80 cm, the Great Dane today holds the record as the world’s largest dog (more than 118 cm measured at the withers).Its coat is short and its colour varies between harlequin (white with black patches), fawn, black, blue or brindle (light brown, striped with dark brown or black). Its impressive size and powerful bark make it an excellent guard dog. Despite its size, this is an affectionate and protective family pet which generally loves its master.

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