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Uh oh! Looks like the storm washed away the bridge across the marsh. And it’s full of creepy crawlies! Can you jump your way across the gooey marsh? See how far you can jump from stone to stone without falling off! Join the friendly animals in a RACE to cross the marsh.Roll the dice to see how many steps you have. Place the mat ahead of you, far enough to be able to jump to it. Jump & collect your pevious mat and take another step or stay put. Be the first to reach the finish line.  An active movement game that is great for use both in the classroom and at home. Multiple gameplays and lots of activity ideas will get the kids going wild! For an added dose of learning and fun, complete a number challenge task as you cross the marsh. The number challenges are varied and suit all levels of play. The animal enthusiasts will be thrilled exploring 11 different animal life cycles in a fast-paced Tongue card game.  Contains: 12 Stepping stones (6 sets of 2), 45 Number cards , 3 Foam dice, Instructions. For 2 or more players                                                       

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