Terms of services


New account / Payment terms:
• Minimum opening order 250$ /First order must be prepaid by credit card.
• Following orders /Net 30 days terms approved only upon favourable bank and trade reference check.
• $1000 Net 30 Free Freight

All merchandise will remain the property of Presse Commerce Distribution until it is fully paid.
Payments of all amounts due as indicated on each invoice.
Service charges of 2% per month (or maximum authorized by Provincial law) will be added if amounts due are not paid on the due date shown on the invoice.
We reserve the right to revoke your credit privileges and impose COD conditions if bills are past due more than 60 days.
No additional credit allowance will be given to companies that fail to pay on time unless satisfactory arrangements are made with our credit department.
Should it be necessary to refer the account balance to a licenced collection agency or attorney for legal action, the applicant shall pay all subsequent charges and legal fees.


All breakage or shortages must be reported within 48 hours of merchandise reception. Short shipped items will be credited to your account. Damages that occur in your store as well as after retail sales will remain your responsibility.
All sales are final.


Backordered items are kept in our system unless otherwise specified. All back orders are erased in January of each year.
Back orders of $250 or more are shipped as stock is replenished. Those of less than $250 will be shipped out with your next order.
Back orders are invoiced under the same terms as the original order.


All display fixtures are delivered in good condition. They remain the property of Presse Commerce Distribution and shall be used only to display our products.


The images supplied by Presse Commerce Distribution remain the property of Presse Commerce Distribution and we retain the right to withdraw the use of these images if they are used inappropriately or/and displayed under a different company name and web site address other than the one provided upon signature of this agreement. All our lines have registered trade marks and may not be used without the express permission of Presse Commerce Distribution. We will provide online consumers with a link from our web site to yours.


In respect to the investment into the brands, we asked that you not sell at discounted prices. Our Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is keystone pricing: double the listed wholesale price. Our Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) is double the wholesale price, minus 5%. Advertising an item’s price below MAP at any time violates the policy. Alternative promotions such as “free shipping” are permitted, as long as they do not affect the advertised price of the product.