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  • Hippipos


    Ahoy ! My stylos will take you faros! With me its makeos or breakos. I am Hippipos, the most courageous of all the Deglingos. Join me for some great adventureos !

  • Jélékros


    Underneath my calm manner, I am the most ferocious of all the Deglingos! Bigbos better take care as I just might take a bite out of him! I am the King of the Animals and have the power to back it up.

  • Coquelicos

    My name is Coquelicos ! Not that I am delicate, not at all, but I often am thin-skinne-dos.,I am sensitivos, and always fall in lovos !

  • Aligatos

    Aligatos brotheros, this is what I am called but it’s also the way I usually greet my friendos. I am a warrioros for peace and love, with me no problemos, only hugos !

  • Flamingos


    I'm Flamingos, king of the danceflooros! From flamencos to discos, through tangos, tcha-tcha-tchos or even electronicos: music spurs me on! Come on and give me your hand, follow the rhythm !

  • Kézakos


    I am Kezakos, I think I am a marmo-set.. don't laugh at me, I always get everything wrong ! If you need a someone else! You may think I am crazyos, but i just forget about everything! So many misunders-tandings with my Deglingos friends but so much funos ! 

  • Muchachos

    MuchachosHola Muchachos!!!! I am Muchachos, you are Muchachos, we actually all are Muchachos!  Muchachos that means good friendos, coolos guy … We all have in us something of Muchachos … me, I have a long neck so that I can be given several cuddles at the same time! Ah also: I spit everywhere when I am happy and I am often happy !!

  • Rototos

    RototosOh no, I have eaten too much again. For lunch, I had delicious oven roasted wild bamboo followed by eucalyptus ice cream!Now, my stomach is blown up like a balloon - only one solution : a giant burpos ! Mmm, all that eating has made me sleepy, time for a nap !

  • Les Ptipotos


    Because there’s nothing like having a buddy at hand, Les Déglingos go back to school with a new crew! Meet Les Ptipotos by Les Déglingos, 10 new and ultra-soft friends to adopt really quickos! Les Ptipotos are unique and endearing characters.

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Showing 1 - 52 of 133 items
Showing 1 - 52 of 133 items